Case Count Media is not a third party to the search engines nor is it affiliated with Google, Bing, or Yahoo (or any other search engine). We are not able to manipulate or control search engine results. Search Engines hold that right. Case Count Media can only control the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques applied to your site in an effort to deliver higher results. We do not engage in “black-hat” SEO of any kind. We simply apply our effective  strategies that have worked over the years for all our current and past clients. Pictures depicted are a dramatization only and may not be members of the company. Limited Liability. Under no circumstances shall Case Count Media be held responsible for any damages that result from using our services. We will not do anything until given permission by our client.  


Search Engine Results:


Don’t let anyone or any company fool you! Search results are only controlled by the individual search engine. These search engines have complex algorithms that evaluate pages and websites on the web to best match whatever keywords or phrases the searcher has typed in. Therefore, it is impossible for any SEO company to guarantee specific results. If someone promises you a specific ranking, they are lying to you.  

What is known about these "Algorithms?" 


Major search engines randomly release update, notes, and aspects of their algorithm. These are given to suggest ways in which to improve ranking or what the search engine feels are beneficial to have in a website from a searchers perspective. NO ONE besides the search engine company knows the complete algorithm. However, what is released is known by our SEO company and we use that mixed with experience and past results to enhance our clients rankings. We’ve compiled a list of what works and what doesn’t according to our theories, testes, and years of experience.  

Proper Search Engine Optimization Takes Time


Search engine optimization is the process of applying specific methods and or tools to your website that increase your chance of being ranked for a specific keyword(s).  We uses what works for our past (and current) clients to outrank the competition and apply them to our new ones. There is no overnight success in SEO. Depending on a wide array of factors (domain age, competition, level of competition for keywords, etc.,), some results may take anywhere from three months to one year.  

SEO Companies Cannot Give Their Clients Any Guarantees. Period. 


Case Count Media, nor any SEO company, cannot legally and ethically make any type of ranking guarantee. The only thing we can do is show you are results and our time tested system and apply them onto your site.